Virtual Assistants That Are Ninja Warriors in Productivity, Efficiency, and Adaptability.

Virtual Assistants That Are Ninja Warriors in Productivity, Efficiency, and Adaptability.

Part Time

20 Hours / Week


Full Time

40 Hours / Week


What Makes Our Appointment Setter VA So Cool???

Our Appointment Setter VA is like a Masters of persuasion, using their charm and expertise to win over even the toughest prospects. Shinning your Business by working 8/hours per day.

Organized & Persuasive

Virtual Assistants & Appointment Setter VA are smooth talkers of sales  world, Who are able to turn a “no”  into a “yes” with just a few words.

Managed Virtual Assistants

Hiring Virtual Assistants and keeping tabs on everyone can be stressful, But don’t worry. Our Virtual Assistants & Appointment Setter VA are managed and tracked by us.

Regular Reporting with Custom KPIs & SOPs

Get custom-made KPIs and SOPs based on best organic practices for every Appointment Setter VA you hire, ensuring top-notch results every time!

Our Services

Let Rozi Academy’s Virtual Assistants & Appointment Setter VA take the stress out of your Business!!

B2B Sales

A reliable Appointment Setter VA to support your B2B sales ventures.

Catching Potential Prospects

Cool Appointment Setter VA are knowledgeable about the product or service they are selling, and can answer any questions a potential client may have.

Friendly And Professional

Our Appointment Setter VA approaches every interaction with a friendly and positive attitude, building rapport with clients and making them feel comfortable and valued.

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Our Appointment
Setter VA

Our Virtual Assistants are Killin’ It

Social Media Expertise

Discover the power of social media for appointment setting! Our Appointment Setter VAs are skilled in using Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to connect with potential clients, nurture relationships, and schedule appointments directly onto your calendar.
Our Appointment Setter VA is social media superhero, capable of summoning up to 20 hotshot appointments every month.
With their social media savvy, your business will reach new heights of success!

Knowledgeable & Flexible Appointment Setter VA

Hire Appointment Setter VA that is the top player of lead generation, stealthily scheduling meetings for your sales team. Rozi Academy’s Virtual Assistants are the Ride or die for business owners. Say goodbye to the 9-to-5 appointment setting hustle with a Virtual Assistants, available around the clock!
No more waiting until tomorrow to schedule that all-important meeting. Our Appointment Setter VA will be ready to tackle your scheduling needs day or night, because who needs sleep anyway?
They work remotely, which means they’re always just a message away, even if you need them at odd hours. Whether it’s a late-night phone call or an early-morning email, our Virtual Assistants has got you covered. Plus, since they work from home, they don’t have to worry about commuting or dealing with office distractions.

Charm To Win Over Toughest Prospects

Running a successful business and doing all by yourself is impossible. With Rozi Academy’s Appointment Setter VA you can stop worrying about booking appointments and winning over tough prospects.
Imagine having a magical Appointment Setter VA that could take care of all your tedious tasks, giving you the gift of time!
Our Appointment Setter VA can make that a reality. By entrusting them with the back end of your business, you’ll free up valuable hours to focus on growing and running your company. With their expert knowledge of your business, you can trust that they’ll handle every prospect with the utmost care and precision. Say goodbye to stress, all thanks to the power of our Appointment Setter VA.

Our Results


$5800 in single deal!


$6800 in single deal!

3 Days In and & Booked!

7th meeting in 3 days!

Here is Why Coolest Appointment Setter VA are a game changer & Why you Should Care!!

Our team of skilled Virtual Assistants are ready to tackle any task, from administrative work to social media management.

Our Testimonials

Remote, Ready and Reliable Appointment Setter VA

With their expertise in lead generation and sales, they can turn even the coldest call into a hot lead. So if you want to take your revenue to cloud 9, hire our Appointment Setters VA today!

We Get It Remote Convo Can Get Frustrating, But Don’t Worry You Got Problem, We Got Solution,

Our team is always here to lend a helping hand. You can rely on us for top-notch assistance and satisfaction every time!
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