Our Process

Our Client Onboarding Process at Rozi Academy

Step 1: Define Your Tasks or Service Needs

  • Initial Onboarding Call: The journey begins with an initial onboarding call. This is where you, as a client, can clearly define the tasks, projects, and specific requirements you expect your Virtual Assistant (VA) to complete. This step is crucial for setting clear expectations and goals.

Step 2: VA Match by Personality and Skills

  • Personalized Matching: The VA assigned to you not only has the skills required for the job but also aligns well with your work style and personality.

Step 3: Save Time and Money

  • Efficient Integration: Once matched, your VA gets started, allowing you to experience more work being done in less time, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and profitability. Our VAs are trained to integrate seamlessly into your workflow, ensuring a smooth transition.

Additional Benefits of Our Process

  • Project Management Support: Each VA comes with a project manager, ensuring that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively.
  • Live Time Tracking: We provide live time tracking and working hours updates, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Regular Updates: Expect daily updates for direct communication, keeping you informed about the progress and upcoming tasks.
  • Customized Support: Whether you need a dedicated VA, a team (VA POD), chat support, paid ads management, or account management, we tailor our services to meet your specific business needs.

Step 4: Book an Onboarding Call

  • Get Started: Ready to elevate your business with our expert VAs? Book an onboarding call with us today and take the first step towards streamlined business operations and growth.

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