Launch automated Ads with Gohighlevel using Plai

Knowing your platforms is one of the major keys; Go High Level, along with Plai, becomes a very powerful platform that, when they work together, will bring forward the best value to help market your brand. Below, we break down what some of these tools can do and how they can work together to bring more value.

What is Go High Level?

Go High Level is an all-in-one platform built to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing and sales activities.

  • CRM Built-in: Go High Level combines marketing and sales tools. It comes with CRM tools that help in managing and nurturing successful customer relations.
  • Marketing automation: Run all your email and SMS campaigns on autopilot from lead to customer to be certain that your leads and customers are communicated with at the right time.
  • Funnel Builder: Develop and optimize sales funnels that direct prospects through the buyer’s journey.
  • Schedule Appointments: Let your customers book appointments easily and manage the schedule on the go in a fuss-free way.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Get detailed analytics and reports for tracking your campaigns and learn more about customer behavior to make decisions based on data.

Who is Plai?

Plai is an online ad creation, campaign scheduling, and management platform designed for easy access and use by businesses and marketers.

  • Ease of Use: Create, manage, and optimize ads easily with an intuitive user interface.
  • Omnichannel Advertisement: Launch ads across Google, Facebook, and Instagram from a single dashboard.
  • Templates and How-to Guides: Use templates and step-by-step guides to put up great ads in minutes.
  • Performance Monitoring: Keep track of your ads in real-time to understand what does and does not work.
  • Budget management: Make the best use of your advertising budget.

How to launch automated ads with Go High Level using Plai

Step 1: Create An Account

  • Create Account: Register for Go High Level and create a business profile.
  • Custom Dashboard: Create a custom dashboard, containing the most relevant widgets according to your business.

Step 2: Adding Plai to Go High-Level

  • Install Plai: Download and install the Plai App from any of your favourite App Stores.
  • CONNECT ACCOUNTS Follow the guide to CONNECT YOUR PLAI ACCOUNT TO GO HIGH LEVEL. All you need is to be an admin on both accounts.

Step 3: Build Your First Campaign

  • Define Your Objectives: Clearly define whatever you aim to achieve from the advertisement campaign about your brand—whether awareness, lead generation, or sales.
  • Target your audience using information from Go High Level inside Plai to build out detailed audience segments.
  • Design Your Ads: Use Plai templates for ad visuals that engage your audience.

Step 4: Scale Your Ad Campaigns

  • Automate Rules: Set up automation rules in Go High Level for automatically following up with emails, SMS, etc., in the event that they interact with your ads.
  • Track and optimize with Plai’s analytics so that necessary changes in ads result in better performance.

Best Practices for Effective Ad Campaigns

  • Know Your Audience: Get to know the needs and tastes of your audience through the gutters of Go High Level.
  • A Killer Copy: Write clean, clear, and compelling ad copy, telling the benefits of your offer to the needs and desired responses of the audience.
  • Highly Visual: Ensure that your adverts are very visualized and carry great photos or videos in order to capture the reader’s interest.
  • Continuously test the ad material and its iterations to see which one works best for the brand: A/B test performances and refine the A/B approach based on data.

Benefits of Using Go High Level and Plai Together

Integrating Go High Level and Plai offers numerous advantages that can transform your marketing strategy:

Increased Efficiency

When you integrate Gohighlevel with Plai, it increases the efficiency of marketing by automation. This takes place in the following ways:

  • Time-saving: With most activities running on automation, there will be no manual intervention in marketing and ad campaigns. Gohighlevel will be there to manage follow-ups, responses, and customer interactions. In contrast, Plai will take care of ad creation and management.
  • Efficient Processes: The integration ensures that the processes are smooth. This means you will be able to manage your ad campaigns and customer relationships all under one platform. There will be no more switching from one tool to another.

Better Return on Investment

Every marketing strategy is for a better ROI. When Gohighlevel is integrated with Plai, the ROI can be better because of the following:

  • Targeted Campaigns: Gohighlevel is associated with strong CRM. It means you will be able to segment your audience. When you are using Plai, it fetches this data, and the customers receive the right message at the right time.
  • Meaningful Analytics: Both these tools provide extensive analytics. While Gohighlevel captures and tracks all the customer interaction and engagement, Plai is built to give you in-depth ad performance metrics. This information can be used to make rational decisions and further optimize your campaigns for better performance.
  • Cost-Effective Advertisement: Automation in managing advertisements and follow-ups by customers reduces overhead costs. The simplicity of Plai does away with the fact that you will only need to hire a few marketing experts. On the contrary, you end up saving more money with them.

Holistic Marketing Strategy

This part of the marketing strategy deals with the engagement between you and your customers, from the first to the retention part. This is a full approach cemented by integration between high-level high-level and play-play. Here is how this will work:

  • Seamlessly smooth integration between GoHighLevel and Plai: Working together to make your marketing efforts go as planned. For example, one can easily enter into CRM in Gohighlevel to do further nurturing after generating leads from Plai’s ads.
  • Consistent Messaging: Hypothetically, if you build a message that resonates across these platforms, that is most likely to be achieved in an integrated way. You shall foster a consistent brand voice and make sure that your actual ads and follow-up messages are in line with one another.
  • Full Funnel Management: From Plai’s ability to create fresh leads in the ad campaigns to nurturing and moving to conversion with Gohighlevel’s CRM, manage the whole journey of the customers.

Enhanced Customer Insights

You will be able to get a better understanding of your customers with Gohighlevel and Plai, getting deep insights into their behaviour and the preferences they have.

  • Detailed analytics: Gohighlevel offers more detailed analysis and tracking information about the customers, recorded across touchpoints, to give you a full view of the journey. Data on Plai ad performance lets you know which kinds of ads resonate with your audience.
  • Improved Targeting: Now, pull the data from each of these platforms to further inform your targeting. For example, segments of your audience tend to respond better to a certain kind of ad, so now you can further direct your campaigns to that particular type.
  • Predictive Analytics: In the end, use data from Gohighlevel and Plai to draw long-term predictions on trends and customer behavior that shall give an edge over the competition.

Higher Conversion Rates

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is the conversion of a lead into a customer. The combined power of Gohighlevel and Plai boosts conversion rates through:

  • Personalized Campaigns: Use Gohighlevel’s CRM to create customized marketing messages based on customer data. Plai will help you deliver these messages through targeted ads.
  • Automated Follow-Ups: Make follow-ups automatic with the leads generated from your Plai ads using the automation features provided by Gohighlevel. Timely and relevant follow-up has a more likely probability of closing deals.
  • Tracking Engagement: Monitor the engagement levels with the ability to tweak campaigns in real-time. It gives you feedback from both tools to understand how your audiences will interact with your ads and messages.

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ROZI ACADEMY Customized Services

At ROZI ACADEMY, we offer personalized services that leverage Go High Level. Our experts take part in setting up the CRM, as well as the customization of Go High Level according to individual requirements, and in designing and deploying automated marketing campaigns for an optimal outcome. We provide you with continuous optimization and support to ensure your campaign is performing at its best. All services are available at ROZI ACADEMY. Level up your marketing game.


The union of Go High Level and Plai can empower you to automate advertisements that would surely make your marketing process the smoothest to achieve the best results. Get the best out of two combined applications and design efficient, automated ad campaigns to grow consciously and be successful. Try the customized service of ROZI ACADEMY to raise the marketing bar.

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